Asia Design Journal Vol. 6, Smart Asia

Smart Asia

Simultaneous with the accelerated convergence of information and technology, ‘Smart’ has become a household name across products and services, and its popularity has spread even throughout industries such as fashion and architecture. The theme of the 2011 Asia Design Journal, “Smart Asia,” began as a question as to whether ‘Smart’ came about merely as the next step of high-tech. Perhaps the term can now be reasonably defined as the wisdom that comes with age and tradition, rather than its previous definition of cleverness or intelligence. Design has evolved from elementary phase of pleasure and convenience, into multi-dimensional smart design based on future design philosophies. In today's this context, design has become increasingly important.
Today, Asian design is recognized for skillfully conveying the traditional wisdom of the deeply cultural and spiritual aspects of the ancient craft of Asia—the traditional wisdom of which is expressed especially well. The 6th issue of the Asia Design Journal explores the concept of ‘Smart’ in such a context. This journal seeks to examine the ways in which Asia can discover meaningful design in its culture and heritage. It also studies the understanding and perspective of design through the lens of Asia. Lastly, it seeks ways in which Asia can play meaningful and creative roles in the Smart ICT (Information & Communication Technology) design industry.


Smart Asia

Invited Article
Smarter ‘All’: Design and Design Research at the People Centric Era for China
by Benny Ding Leong & Brian Yu Hin Lee
Leaping into Service Application; Jihachul
by S. Jean Hong
Smart Objects
by Lev Manovich

Asian Speak
Kashiwagi Hiroshi
Kan Tai-Keung
Yeong Mog Park

Call for Papers
Design Smart / Smart Design: Intertwining Technology, Culture, and Design
by Aidan Rowe
Design-R&D Interaction in the Development of Contemporary Ceramics with a Cultural Identity
by Ayse Güler &Yücel Basegit
DESIGNEAST: Revisiting the Fruitful Relationship between the Virtual and Real Community
by Daijiro Mizuno
i-Give: Smart Public Design for Promoting Charity for the New Asian Lifestyle
by Kin Wai Michael Siu & Ka Gee Catherine Hu

Special Report
Smart Projects in Smart Asia
by Seung Yoon Lee

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