Asia Design Journal Vol.5, Social Innovation

Social Innovation

The society in the past where materials were closely attached to the people’s life caused social problems that threatened the resources and the environment of the whole world. A gap between the social problem that we face and solutions that we take starts to form. As the social problems which cannot be solved by the capitalism begin to grow, the importance of a social innovation is getting attention so that the idea and design thinking based on social innovation is required. the fifth publication of 2010 Asia Design Journal with the subject of “Social innovation” is planning to define the concept of social innovation in the 21th century through the insights of leaders from various countries, industries and areas of study. It is to seek the relationship between the society, the sustainability, direction and methods of future design for social innovation which may be derived from the relationship. on the special section, we have included free thoughts about the “Social innovation Design” from design related individuals who directly feel the social innovation which are currently underway in the field. as well, we had a chance to understand and share designers’ different perspectives about social innovation through a survey conducted to the people from design major and professionals locally and internationally.



Section 1: Society
Design Research and Co-creation for Socioeconomic Innovation
by Gianfranco Zaccai
From Social Innovations to Collaborative Services
by Francois Jegou
Education as a Means of Social Innovation
by Shashank MeHta

Section 2: Sustainability
Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability
by Ezio Manzini, Joon Sang Baek, Fang Zhong
Sustainable Development for the City
by Ki-ho Kim, Bae Kim
Environment-friendly Innovation: R&D Story of Avante LPi Hybrid
by Woong-chul Yang
Designing for Billions of People
by Raphael Grignani
Strategies for Designing our Green Built Environment
by Ken Yeang

Call for papers
A Dilemma on SMEs Design Innovation in China
by Wang Xiaolong
CHITA 08: A Service Design Exercise on Social Innovation and Inter-cultural Experiences
by Miaosen Gong